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Krzysztof Szymko is a Technical Recruiter with 5 years of experience in IT sector.

He helped building Development, QA and Sys/DevOps teams within both international companies and start-ups. He works closely with hiring managers shaping recruitment strategy, always understands the business value (importance) of the task (process).

Krzysztof always tries to get full understanding of the technical site of the position to be able to talk to Candidates on more detailed level as well. HTML, CSS, JS, JAVA and Linux practitioner.



Enterploy supports companies dealing with IT security in their recruitment activity. We deliver targeted recruitment solutions based on deep knowledge of the market and technical awareness.


Enterploy understands that your business relays on high caliber people and that the lack of ones can slow down your pursuit on making your clients happy.


Enterploy understands that recruiters may be the most valuable or most harmful ambassadors of your brand. We treat your brand with respect, making candidates think positively about recruitment experience and by that about your Company in general.

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